Our wool filled dog beds are made in 3 forms to give comfort & therapeutic benefit to every breed of dog:
V.I.P. Beds and
Mutt Mattresses are made for dogs kept inside
Tough Stuff sacks are made for working dogs and other dogs in outside situations
We also make the popular V.I.P. Pillows for travellers (Very Important Passengers) and children (Very Important little People).


Mutt Mattress

Mutt Mattress
Tough Stuff

Tough Stuff
VIP pillows

VIP pillows

VIP Beds

The original dog bed, V.I.P. Beds are based on a NZ wool carpet base and have very heavy sponge walls, in an oval 'nest' with a mattress filled with massaging knopped wool balls.

The sponge walls shield your dog from draughts as they snuggle into their wool mattress.

V.I.P. Beds are made in all sizes for all breeds.

Mutt Mattresses

Mutt Mattresses are square or oblong dog beds and are without sides.

Like the VIP Bed mattress, this mattress is filled with 2nd shear Romney-cross wool which has been blown through a centrifugal force to form it into 'knops' or little balls which constantly move and massage the dog's joints.

Tough Stuff

Tough Stuff for working dogs - a heavy duty sack filled with long fleece, scoured and fluffed (not knopped like the other beds)

Farmers and vets attest to the VIP beds help in freeing up stiff dogs and generally lengthening the working life of farm dogs.

Note: Barbie will happily print your dog's name on a Tough Stuff sack for no extra charge.

VIP Pillows

V.I.P. Pillows are for a dog's best friend whether they are travelling or camping. Lightly filled with Merino Cross wool, knopped into small balls to massage your head and neck as you rest.

Available in 2 sizes. Small for travel or little heads. Full size for bed.
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