Instructions and tips for taking care of your dog's wool bed

  • Fluff mattress up regularly and make sure the hollow is in the centre so some wool goes into each corner to support the dog
  • The cover is hard wearing and able to be washed and dried regularly, but ensure the Velcro is fastened first
  • Frequent washing will undo the formation of the balls and the mattress will be difficult to wash and dry, so a length of linen thread is hand sewn on one side which may be easily unpicked. This allows any wool which may be accidentally soiled to be taken out and hand washed.
  • The wool will absorb 30% of its weight in water and disperse it into the atmosphere. If a damp dog sits on the mattress, there is no damage. Just towel dry the dog, then let him warm up in the kitchen on his mat, as he supervises ;-)
  • A mixture of cayenne pepper and wet mustard applied to the corners of pet beds puts dogs off chewing their bed

    Bedding tips

    • Each dog should have its own dog bed to prevent passing on infections or if a bitch has been on heat a 'stroppy dog' might rip the bed up, so its best for her to have her own.
    • If a dog 'scrabbles', remove it for a night and try again later.
    • Massey university vets say it isn't necessary to put flea powder in the beds and fleas can be combated with a mix of brewer's yeast (Vitamin B1) and garlic (stocked at health food shops) given in powder form when feeding.

    Working dog beds

    • Farm dog's beds get filthy and damp but the wool absorbs 30% of its weight in water and gives it up to the atmosphere again. Even a damp bed is warm and therapeutic. Knock the mud off against the side of a kennel and put it in the sunshine to air.
    • Comfortable bedding helps working dogs who get calluses and sores as the result of a hard day's work. It also stops bed sores in older dogs.

    How to make a 'Banana Box Bed'

    1. get a banana box free from your local fruitier
    2. leave the holey cardboard in place - for aeration!
    3. use newspaper for insulation
    4. top with calico mattress filled with amazing fluffs of 2nd shear wool to massage dog's joints
    5. you've carry cot handles built in at the ends which can also work as slits for car safety straps at sides
    6. should pup chew box - get another free from the fruit shop!

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