Barbie says the best part of the business is the feedback from happy customers. She enjoys getting letters and here is just a sample of feedback from some happy dog owners since receiving their wool beds...

" Thanks so much for the mattresses the boys are loving them. I was very tempted to have a nananap on them when they arrived at work...they will help immensely with the boys arthritis." Lynette

" Thank you to the moon and back for making these dogs the happiest pups in the land"  Kate

" The bed you sent is fantastic and so warm on these cold nights." Trish

" Sika's bed arrived today and she loves it. She is already gathering all her toys in there and has had a big sleep. Thank you so much we are very happy with it." Shelley

" This is the first bed Rogan has really taken to. Monday he spent most of the day on it." Dionne, Hastings

"Our 8 year old arthritic Labrador with right hip partially displaced is much happier. Thank you." Ashburton

" I have had a wool sack – Tough Stuff - for 15 years and it is still going strong. I use it as one of the dog beds in the sitting room.It has had a new sack cover and a linen cover over time which has helped keep it intact.All my dogs – the adults and the puppies that pass through the household have slept on the wool sack. At the moment there is a 14 year old Labrador, a 6 year old Golden Retriever and an 8 months Labrador x Golden Retriever puppy who all sleep on the sack – they take it in turns and enjoy curling up on it.I have purchased a Mutt Mattress now to replace a couple of mat type beds. The minute it was unwrapped the Golden Retriever hopped on and curled up. It too is being shared between the three dogs but mainly the Golden Retriever.They do not have the stiffness of old age but that does not stop them having an extremely comfortable bed to share." Luci

Thank you so much for our mutt mattress and the extra covers. Kaia loves stretching out on it and she can be quite resistant to moving once she has settled herself on it! It has also been invaluable during her recuperation from surgery on her Achilles' tendons as she was happy to stay quiet and we had peace of mind that she had a warm and comfortable place to rest." Catherine

" My Westies VIP bed arrived this morning, I rushed home at lunch time to see if our pup liked it. He immediately jumped into it, made himself at home & went to sleep! He loves it, they look great too!I am so impressed. I'm going to email all my customers to tell them! Your personal service & advice was just wonderful."  Barry

" Just want to let you know that our wee chocolate lab (Rudi) is having a fantastic time with your coffee sack bed, so much that he keeps on rolling off it as he is so small." Peter

" The beautiful dog bed arrived first thing this morning via courier, Summer (our Miniature Schnauzer) already loves it….. and she went straight to bed and did not want to come out of it. Rufus has also tried it for size and fits in it too, so can we please order exactly the same size and colour for him please?" Carla, Auckland

" Thanks for the wonderful beds - Mac is now glued to his and reluctant to leave it - especially as Queenie seems keen on it too!" Maxine

We have 3 very happy dogs tonight. In fact one (15 yr old and still working) always waits outside his kennel until after he has been fed, but tonight he was well tucked up on his new mattress before even being chained up" Barb, Masterton

Thank you very much for sending the bed for Blackie. He really does enjoy it. We don't hear a sound from him after he's been put to bed now - he sleeps in our basement and he often barked before - he might have been cold" Catherine F.

Abbie absolutely loves the bed, as soon as it arrived she was trying to help me get the plastic off and immediately after it was on the floor she was on it. She stayed there for quite a while, and when she got off Ted (our Labradoodle) climbed straight in, curled up and had a nice sleep - he looked like he was smiling he was so content. And then when Ted woke up, Mozart our cat climbed straight into the nice warm spot and holloa that he'd left. So it's extremely popular with the whole furry household..." Maureen.

I am SO delighted with the two 'mutt mattresses' that arrived last week. They are beautifully made and very attractive, but best of all, my two ex-racing greyhounds, George and Mynx, absolutely love them. They have slept so well every night since, and I am no longer disturbed by them changing positions and scrabbling to get comfortable. They race eagerly to their beds at every opportunity and instantly settle comfortably. The only noise now is sighs of contentment, and I no longer get home to find my bed covers rumpled about, as they prefer their VIP beds.
Thank you from all of us for your wonderful dog beds." Sally, Wellington

Thank you so much for the wonderful mattress you sent. Floyd loved it straight away and is only getting up once in the night instead of four or five times. It fits perfectly in his 'house'. We are both getting a better quality sleep thanks to your excellent mattress. I can't thank you enough." Nicola

Hi Barbie, originally ordered two tough sack beds to try out with some of farm dogs. Noticed a huge difference in the huntaway dog. She is a lot freer and happier in her action. Sack staying dry in the kennel and have taken it out a couple of times to air and bang dust out. The retriever got the other one and I noticed the working dogs sneaking into the porch where her bed is to have a lie on it whenever they can. Have ordered two more. Our dogs are on a hill country farm and work hard, they deserve some comfort at the end of the day. Especially good for dogs with ligament or joint aches and pains. Should be on all farms! Even my sceptical husband has come round to them as he could see the difference in the huntaway. That's saying something!" Sue

Thank you for Macca's great bed. It arrived safely yesterday - delivered to the door - and Macca loved it straight away - spent the whole evening on it - did NOT want to go out to his cold kennel at night.
I'll pass on our recommendations for your product with all our dog owning friends" Kirsten O, Feilding

Dear Barbie, many thanks for sending the covers so quickly. Basil and Babor are snoozing contentedly on them now..." Sally

Hi Barbie, thank you so much for sending Jed's new bed. He just loves it! He is starting to settle now without his friend 'Mate'. Our cat 'Sam' now curls up and sleeps with him which is lovely to see. Jed gets the pip with him sometimes tho as Sam positions himself right in the middle." Gina (& Jed)

Hi Barbie, many thanks for the dog mattresses. Joy just loves hers, only leaves her kennel for toileting then returns to her comfortable kennel even when the door is left open - unusual for her as she likes to roam." Marion, Wanganui

"...these are just the best beds. I have decided that I would also like to order a Tough Stuff in Duck for my Sister-in-Law's Fox Terrier..." Jennifer, Wellington

I first came across VIP Beds a few years ago when one of my Bearded Collies insisted on 'accompanying' me on my bed during the night. I'd wake up with her stretched out beside me, head on the pillow like that was where she belonged!

I couldn't seem to stop her doing this even though she had her own bed. I bought both dogs a Mutt mattress. She never got off her own bed to jump onto mine again! More importantly I knew both dogs loved their beds and were very happy and comfortable.

I also bought a couple of 'Tough Stuff' beds for the dogs to lie on outside or in other parts of the house.

I recently got a Tibetan Terrier Puppy. I bought Rags a Mutt Mattress for his crate and as he's now 3 months old decided to get him a VIP bed as well. I unpacked it and left him to 'find' it. Within 10 minutes he was in it and fast asleep. He absolutely loves it and as you can see from the photos he's got plenty of room for his toys as well at present so it's become a kind of playpen too - somewhere that he can be close to me while having his own special place.

Thank you for putting such love and care into the quality products you make Barbie - I'm sure the dogs and their owners appreciate it.
" Stephanie, Raglan

"Just to let you know the mutt mattress arrived 1 hour ago and Finn is curled up fast asleep on it. Thanks, I think we have a very happy dog" Leane, Auckland (Finn is a Labrador 18 months old, out of surgery following a cruciate ligament repair)

"Have just purchased a VIP bed for my young border collie Millie. She watched with great interest as I unwrapped it and put it together - then when I told her it was her new bed she leapt in and wouldn't budge for half an hour. A most delighted dog! The same evening she proceeded to take each of her toys from her wool sack (one of Barbie's of course) and arrange them in her new bed. Each time she comes in now she takes a flying leap into the bed and settles down visibly smiling." Ann, Rakaia

"Have been trialling your mat with our farm dog - and are delighted with it - please send two more." Liz, Mangakino

"Our Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who has had a Tough Stuff for two weeks, has taken to carrying it upstairs at night, and downstairs in the morning - by himself and uninvited!! Atta boy!" Jane, Taupo

"Thank you so much for our Doberman pup's bed. 'Buddy' jumped straight in, went to sleep, and I had trouble getting him back out!" C.R. Palmerston North

"Just a short note to thank you very much for my six Tuff mats that arrived last Friday. I can tell you that I had 7 very sleepy and relaxed pooches come feed and bed-time. I never heard from any of them again until morning which is very unusual." Sue, Tangiteroria

"Many thanks for the swift delivery of Radley's VIP bed - finally we are having decent sleeps with him off our bed." Amanda

"My fiancée loves it too because the dog has stopped sleeping on our bed !!!" L.L. Havelock North

"Thank you for the Mutt Mattress. With his aging joints, Kruger climbed aboard this great raft of comfort and sank into its softness, expressing his acceptance with a groan of relaxation." P and H

"Many thanks for the 3 dog beds. The difference with my working dogs has been quite noticeable ... their coats have glossed up as you predicted. My only regret is that I did not execute this change to my dogs' comfort sooner." Peter, Masterton

"Thank you again for another of your wonderful beds. Having made a Tough Stuff sack last ages (about 7 years) I know it is a great investment. Mack got straight on it and was asleep not long afterwards - big tick of approval from him, and he no longer 'smells' like he did on the synthetic bed he had for inside. You have an amazing product!" Holly, Alexandra


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