Key benefits of V.I.P. wool dog beds

The bedding was designed by Barbie Cassidy, ex-veterinary nurse, and is well received and recommended by numerous vets.

  • All natural fibres make for healthy breathable bedding and very happy dogs
  • All our dog beds are lovingly made in New Zealand by hand with your dog in mind
  • Improve your dog's health, happiness, quality and quantity of life
  • They will massage your dogs joints and help relieve and combat arthritis
  • Pets sleep better on these beds, giving their owners a good nights sleep as well!
  • Hard wearing covers ~ able to be washed and dried regularly
  • On the original VIP Beds the sponge walls shield your dog from drafts as they snuggle into their wool mattress

Knopped wool - the secret ingredient to a comfortable and therapeutic dog bed...

  • A unique knopping process is used to partially form tiny wool balls - which move slightly to massage inside the covers and do not 'felt down'

Benefits of the Tough Stuff wool filled sack for working dogs:

  • Filled with long fleece, scoured and fluffed (not knops like the other beds). these sacks help your WORKING DOG last a little longer
  • Double sack covering makes them able to withstand rugged farming conditions
  • Each sack is named, and for good reason: a) if a dog has a skin complaint it keeps it contained to that kennel; b) sometimes a bitch is afraid of a mat a stroppy dog has been on
  • Comfortable bedding helps working dogs who get calluses and sores as the result of a hard day's work. It also stops bed sores in older dogs.


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